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Your Reliable 24/7 Commercial Electrical Service Provider in The Greater Dallas, Texas Area

We are Emergency Electricians available 24/7 in Dallas, Texas & Kaufman County for electrical maintenance and repair services. Servicing The DFW Metroplex.

Same Day Electrical Repair Now Available 24/7 For Your Safety


24/7 Emergency & Non-Emergency Electrical Maintenance & Repair for Your Property, Tenants and Facility Operation Needs


Reduced risk of electrical outages or hazards


Improved energy efficiency and cost savings


Peace of Mind

Peace of mind knowing that your business is in good hands

Expertise and Experience

Expert guidance on all your electrical needs

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You are valued here!

Welcome to All Tapz Electric!
We’re excited to be your go-to source for the best and safest electrical systems around. Our fantastic team has been exceeding client expectations since way back in 2013, and we’re super proud to offer such amazing electrical services. We’re all about delivering top-notch service that guarantees satisfaction and peace of mind. Seriously, we’re confident we can meet all your electrical needs to the highest standard. So if you’ve got an electrical project coming up, don’t hesitate to choose us! Our expertise and commitment to excellence will totally make a difference!

Our organization takes pride in providing top-notch services delivered by licensed and highly skilled electricians. We prioritize our clients’ safety and well-being and have received accreditation and certifications from authorized organizations to ensure that our safety protocol is always up to standard.

Our services are available exclusively in the Dallas/Kaufman County area and its surroundings, which covers a 30-50-mile radius surrounding each city. Our commitment to prompt and effective service delivery is unmatched in the industry, and we cater to our clients’ specific needs with precision and expertise. We are confident in our ability to deliver impeccable services and guarantee our clients’ satisfaction at all times.

Commercial Services

Experienced and professional electrician with up-to-date knowledge of Electrical codes, modern equipment.

Residential Services

Essential to maintaining the safety and efficiency of your home's electrical system.

Electrical Inspections and Preventive Maintenance

Comprehensive electrical inspection and maintenance services for your electrical systems. Our skilled technicians conduct thorough assessments and perform necessary repairs and upkeep to ensure the safety, efficiency, and reliability of your electrical infrastructure.

Do not leave it for later!

Be the Hero of Your Building with All Tapz Electric


We offer a wide range of electrical services for both residential and commercial clients. Here's a brief overview of our services:

Our services include:

Whether you need electrical repairs, installations, energy efficiency services, preventive maintenance, or 24/7 emergency services, we’ve got you covered.





General Electrical Repair Services

Prompt and reliable electrical repairs for all your needs. Our skilled technicians ensure efficient solutions and safe electrical systems.

Residential Electrical Repair Services

Reliable residential electrical repairs for a safe and functional home. Trust our experts for prompt solutions.

Commercial Electrical Repair Services

Efficient commercial electrical repairs for minimal downtime. Trust our experienced team to keep your business running smoothly.

Surge Protection

Safeguard your electronics with surge protection. Our reliable solutions protect your valuable equipment from power surges, ensuring their longevity and preventing potential damage.

Preventive Electrical Maintenance

Ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your electrical systems with our regular maintenance services. Our skilled technicians provide routine inspections, cleaning, and upkeep to keep your systems running smoothly and minimize the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

Thermography Services - IR Scanning

Utilize our advanced IR scanning and thermography services to detect hidden electrical issues. Our precise and non-invasive inspections help identify potential problems before they escalate, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems.

Electrical Installation Services

Safe and efficient electrical installations for homes and businesses. Trust our experts for professional and reliable services.

Energy Efficiency Services

Maximize energy savings with our sustainable solutions. Reduce consumption and lower utility costs for your home or business.

24/7 Emergency Electrical Repair Services

Quick and reliable emergency electrical services. Trust our team to handle any electrical emergencies with promptness and efficiency.

Your satisfaction comes first

You are valued here!

At All Tapz Electric, we understand that your time is valuable, and your safety is essential. That’s why we offer a range of services designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Here are some of the reasons why choosing us as your trusted electrical guide is the best decision you can make:
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At All Tapz Electric, we believe in putting our customers first. We understand that dealing with electrical issues can be overwhelming and stressful, which is why we are here to guide you every step of the way. Our electricians will work closely with you to understand your needs, provide expert advice, and offer customized solutions that fit your budget.

We pride ourselves on being reliable, honest, and trustworthy. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with our customers, based on mutual trust and respect. When you choose us as your electrical guide, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

 All of our electricians are licensed, insured, and highly trained. They are experts in their field and have years of experience in handling different types of electrical issues.

 We take pride in delivering high-quality workmanship that is reliable and long-lasting. Our electricians use top-quality tools and materials to ensure that your electrical system is in top condition.

We offer fair and transparent pricing for all our services, with no hidden fees or charges. We provide a detailed quote upfront, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

We offer round-the-clock emergency services for any electrical issues that may arise, so you can have peace of mind knowing that we are always there when you need us.

Quality Workmanship
Competitive Pricing


El lino
El lino
I would definitely recommend using All Tapz Electric. The staff is really cool and friendly. They showed up and got it done, even wished me a good day as they walked out. Very happy with their service. Please do try them I'm sure you'll be pleased.
Easy Ola
Easy Ola
Definitely Recommended! They are the best.
Liliana Gonzalez
Liliana Gonzalez
Highly recommend this company! I was having issues with breakers flipping and Blaine got out here the same day. He was very nice, professional and solved our problems. I will be using All Tapz for all my future electrical projects and repairs.
Jacob Platt
Jacob Platt
Blane with All Tapz Electric came out and exceeded our expectations. He was very personable and professional. He did not leave until all of our needs were met. Not only did he make sure to fix everything, but also teach along the way. Thank you to Blane and All Tapz Electric for the amazing customer service.
Justina Collins
Justina Collins
Don’t hesitate to call All Tapz Electrician!! They have my recommendation for Reliable and Timely Service. Mr. Reed showed up without hesitation. I now have electricity because of him. Forever grateful!!!
Ariel Tucker
Ariel Tucker
The techs at All Tapz came in and did a full electrical inspection on my store! I was having some issues with the lights always going out. They came and did an infrared inspection, educated me on what was wrong, & got to work! They installed new lights, fixed faulty wiring from the contractor that previously worked on my store, & fixed my outlets in the walls. Their price was fair, they didn’t try to gouge me, & they fit me into their schedule that same week. I don’t think that anyone could go wrong with choosing All Tapz!
Jequan Jiles
Jequan Jiles
Brad Morrell
Brad Morrell
5 star service in every way. Blaine recently handled the electrical aspect of us finishing our basement. His attention to detail was greatly appreciated. If you're looking for an electrician, I highly recommend All Tapz. Excellent work at very reasonable prices.
Vincent Pitts
Vincent Pitts
Did a great job
Sharon Sewell
Sharon Sewell
Blaine was absolutely amazing! He explained everything in terms I could understand, & his prices were reasonable. Great experience!
Steps to reach you

Here are the three simple steps to get started:


Schedule an appointment with us by calling our phone number or filling out our online contact form.


Our electrician will arrive at your location on time and conduct a thorough inspection of your electrical system.


Based on the inspection, we will provide you with a detailed quote, explain the recommended solutions, and answer any questions you may have. If you decide to proceed, we will schedule a convenient time for the work to be done.

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Our commitment to excellence in facility services sets us apart. Trust us for reliable maintenance solutions, expert care for electrical systems, refrigeration units, and HVAC systems. Contact us today for a partnership that ensures the seamless operation of your facility.